Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pure KNOWING is not a concept

What is happening RIGHT NOW?

Is there SEEING of a computer monitor? Is a thought needed to verify this?

KNOWING is prior to thought; there will never be an answer in the mind.

If a fastball is moving right towards ‘your’ head,‘you’ don’t need to think
about moving out of the way?

There is just an immediate KNOWING – and that is what ‘you’ ARE, this immediate activity of KNOWING. ‘You’ are not a ‘thing’ – not a noun, but a verb – always shining…..

That’s why there is no practice to ‘get there’, nothing to find, no final question to finally ‘get it’ because there is absolutely no answer, no ‘stoned out’ bliss, no profound ‘Great Truth’….


Gilbert points clearly – SEEING is happening…

Ordinary and simple – SEEING/KNOWING.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Randall Friend - Urban Guru Cafe

Clear Pointing from Randall Friend!

Light Switch

What YOU ARE is much like a light switch that is always turned on.


There is never a time when YOU ARE not KNOWING

Nothing can possibly happen to it.

If 'you' were to get punched in the face, the skin may bruise...

Is the KNOWING of this effected?

Even in deep sleep, who hears the phone ring-or the alarm clock buzz?

So simple and ordinary

So incredibly subtle

So incredibly obvious.

The alleged difficulty is due to the fact that it is so simple and ordinary.

KNOWING is happen-ING, NOW!