Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where are these boundaries?

The Fact of Being is not propped up or verified by any concepts. This indisputable, undeniable certainty, is obviously present and already beyond that tireless radio station (the mind). Though experiences, sensations and thoughts come and go, where are the divisions between experiences and Awareness?

If limitations cannot be found, could "other" truly exist?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Audio Recordings

Podcasts of the Second Life Meetings will be recorded on a semi-regular basis and posted on this site. If you cannot attend the Second Life meetings, feel free to download the audio and have a listen at your convenience.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


By turning the attention to the mind, immediately there are doubts. More thoughts rush in to question the questions, confirm or contradict other thoughts. A maddening cycle...

Notice when thoughts are paused there are no doubts; the certainty of (doubtless)Being is obviously present; the unquestionable FACT of EXISTENCE. Notice that the Being is ALWAYS presently shining, effortlessly and spontaneously. Stay with that undeniable non-conceptual confidence. Your Being has always been present for every single experience. That natural cognition in which all experiences arise is not a person.

Be as you ARE and not what you imagine yourself to be.

Monday, March 29, 2010

No Practice, No Method

Q: Came across your blog, you are seeing oneness. I would like to ask what advice you recommend. I found that
simply abiding in the I AM or I knowing seems to be on the correct path, Especially following the advice of Nisargadatta. Say now a question arises, "Who witnesses this "I"?", who is the seer, etc, there are obviously no answers that mind can bring forth. Is it more a thing of persisting and being earnest in
the enquiry until 'eventually' the I AM leaves?

How long did you need to practice self-enquiry before you realized? I know this is a poor question and wont yield any sort of value
to me, just more interested in knowing what you went through up until the point you realized.

A: There is no path or practice. Just know that the I AM is your true nature. It is not the words "I AM", what are the words "I AM" pointing to?

You know with certainty that you are here. How is it so certain (100%, unquestionably certain) that you exist, that you are awake, that you are present?

What effort does it take to be awake?

How could you not abide in this I-AM-ness?

Does this I AM ever change?

Does this I AM ever come and go? Do you ever phase in an out of existence, even if you would, you would KNOW(ing) this!

Therefore, this I AM never leaves. This is not "I am an individual"

The belief that you are an individual, separate entity naturally falls away when it is seen that "name" is just an ephemeral thought.

When the thought "name" is not, I AM (ALWAYS) IS.

Yet, the thoughts "name", "me", "I" floats in and out....like a cloud in the sky.

No one is witnessing this....thoughts float in and out naturally....

Notice that "name" has been entangled with the body-mind. How do you know the body-mind right HERE and NOW?

Isn't it the KNOWING?

The activity of KNOWING is Self-Knowing

BE(ing) the KNOWING.....and how could you not?!?!