Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Audio Recordings

Podcasts of the Second Life Meetings will be recorded on a semi-regular basis and posted on this site. If you cannot attend the Second Life meetings, feel free to download the audio and have a listen at your convenience.


Jason Swanson said...

If you are having difficulties getting the recording to play, I received this email:

Hi Jason
I downloaded the secondlife mp3
i couldn't get it to play on my mac
Turns out it had a large number for a title
then .m4a.mp3
I deleted the mp3 letters and it works fine now
Just a heads up
Thanks for that

Anonymous said...

Your new site looks great Jason and glad to hear that the meetings will be available here. :)

imuuri said...

Great stuff Jason, nice page too, ive added a link to here, pause thoughts lets dance!

Jason Swanson said...

If you are having troubles downloading the Second Life audio recordings, right-click the date (for example, 6/15)and click "Save as" and select a location for the file to be saved. As an m4a file, it is convenient for Macs and iPods, and should play on most audio players. If there are any other questions, do not hesitate to shoot off an email.

Jason Swanson said...

There have been some issues with the podcast servers. Everything should be up and running smoothly for now.