Friday, January 9, 2009

Being is indisputable

How many more books need to be read?

How many more blogs need to be visited?

How many more meetings need to be attended?

How many more podcasts need to be listened to?

How many more Youtube videos need to be watched?

Memorizing and parroting quotes are completely worthless.

Any practice for that matter is worthless. It's all futile.

This hunger for more, presupposes that there is something to get or to achieve.

Anything that comes, most certainly goes…

There is nothing to get.

Seeing is already happening—prior to any searching.

Once this message is ‘heard’, take a look and investigate NOW.

YOU ARE, this is the only FACT that you are absolutely sure of, this isn’t debatable, a hypothesis or an assumption.

Surely you don’t doubt the FACT of Existence or Being!

Everything else is an assumption, simply an ephemeral appearance.

YOU ARE THIS—the open and empty space that these transient images appear and disappear in/on.

Are you present? Are you here? Are you awake? Is SEEING spontaneously happening?

With brutal honestly, is this an undeniable, indisputable Fact?