Friday, January 9, 2009

Being is indisputable

How many more books need to be read?

How many more blogs need to be visited?

How many more meetings need to be attended?

How many more podcasts need to be listened to?

How many more Youtube videos need to be watched?

Memorizing and parroting quotes are completely worthless.

Any practice for that matter is worthless. It's all futile.

This hunger for more, presupposes that there is something to get or to achieve.

Anything that comes, most certainly goes…

There is nothing to get.

Seeing is already happening—prior to any searching.

Once this message is ‘heard’, take a look and investigate NOW.

YOU ARE, this is the only FACT that you are absolutely sure of, this isn’t debatable, a hypothesis or an assumption.

Surely you don’t doubt the FACT of Existence or Being!

Everything else is an assumption, simply an ephemeral appearance.

YOU ARE THIS—the open and empty space that these transient images appear and disappear in/on.

Are you present? Are you here? Are you awake? Is SEEING spontaneously happening?

With brutal honestly, is this an undeniable, indisputable Fact?


Omkaradatta said...

"Are you present? Are you here? Are you awake? Is SEEING spontaneously happening?"

The 'trouble' seems to be the mind going 'big deal' to all this. Advaita teachers tend to forget that people operate mainly on emotions/feelings, not thoughts, and words about awareness have no "feeling" to them. People are likely to just brush over them and think "no, this is not it".

From here there's more to 'nondual teaching' than just saying "you are IT, OK, goodbye". Let's get a bit more creative, shall we? Or drop the whole enterprise altogether, take down the websites and stop wasting our time.

Jason Swanson said...

Who would be the one that would be mainly operating from emotions? It seems that there is a belief that there is a person that is in charge of these emotions? Emotions are like waves that rise and fall--come and go--as movements of energy. The mind labels them as "happiness" or "sadness" (etc.) What you are never changes. Whatever emotions come up just happen. Whatever thoughts appear, including the thoughts/emotions come up come and go, including: "I" also disappear. Yet, you remain.

The 'me' or 'I' that would be in charge or even witnessing all of this, is just another thought. What sees this?

But, the mind wants something to latch on to and say "yes, this is it!" but this would be something that is known; this just another appearance. You are the changeless background, the infinite capacity/potentiality of all appearances to appear on/in. This cannot be known as a 'thing' because it is KNOW-ing or BE-ing, a spontaneous and effortless process. Perhaps the apparent difficulty of this search is starting from the fact that you take yourself to be the limited looking to become the infinite. You are already the infinite. There isn't any work to be done, what could be added or subtracted from the infinite? Therefore, any method (meditation, mantras, praying) is immediately a step in the 'wrong' direction.



hayat gok said...


Anonymous said...

there is this urge to know the future before it happens, to have the upper hand, to know in advance, in order to have advantage.....and there have been times when something was thought and it what is this?...........luck?!

Anonymous said...

I disagree. There very much a ME. I am ME. All is ME. I am the creator, persister, destroyer...I want what I want just because I want it. I get angry when my decision/Intention does not manifest immediately. I am not being lived...........I am living moments of experience that I am giving to my self....there is only ME.

Jason Swanson said...


Whatever is happening--is happening NOW. Thoughts of the future are happening NOW. Thoughts of the past are happening NOW. There isn't a cause and effect relationship because there isn't a doer who is behind the wheel. All actions are spontaneously and effortlessly unfolding. Isn't this what is really happening. Aren't actions happening, and THEN concepts are assigned to these actions? So either "serendipitous" or "bad luck" are value judgments. Whatever is happening NOW is complete perfection. The effortless and spontaneous cognition doesn't judge what is happening. This effortless registering is what you ARE.

What is this "me"? "me" is merely an ephemeral, transient concept that appears and disappears. You are not a concept. You are the Infinite--THAT--which never comes nor goes.

This wanting, getting angry, decision making are all attributes of a person. But what if that fundamental assumption, that "I am a person." is entirely false? This is that sense of separation, that (metaphorical) headache, that sense that something isn't right. The mind tries to put a label on this sense, and it tries to turn to the world, for more money, better cars, a nicer house...all falling terribly short. So we work endlessly to try to protect this "me".

But if we pause thoughts, we absolutely have no evidence, whatsoever, that a "me" is present. Yet you ARE. Do not overlook this.

You are HERE, PRESENT, you KNOW (with complete 100% certainty) that you are awake. Recognize this certainty--and the speed in which you answer, it doesn't require a debate or convincing. This FACT of BEING isn't a concept. This FACT of BEING is THAT which has never changed...THAT which ALWAYS IS...not the cloud "me" which floats in and out.