Thursday, December 4, 2008

It Is

It seems that everything without exception—absolutely everything—that is perceived or conceived appears and disappears.

What is it that never changes?

This uninterrupted, direct and immediate self-shining experiencing, always, is just happening—NOW.

Has this direct and immediate experiencing ever been disrupted? Can you get ‘outside of’ of this. Can this experiencing be separated from HERE and NOW?

Have a look and see if this ‘me’ or ‘I’ is another story that appears and disappears?
If these thoughts disappear do ‘you’ disappear?

This unbroken sense of Presence cannot be denied.

The wise and ancient texts point that the Truth or Reality has never changed, not even for a ‘moment’.

The Fact of Being cannot possibly be a theory, hypothesis or belief. This is not hearsay—this very simple point cannot be ignored.

This sense of Being or Knowing-Presence is completely indescribable because concepts appear in it.


Sergio, la historia : said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful expressed....

as is all expression...

sense of presence which is being described here, is still a sense.
I am that which cannot be sensed...cannot be experienced.

I am the supreme subject on which this sense of presence, rises and subsides.

Jason Swanson said...

Yes, this "supreme subject" is like a presence, it is the certainty of existence--wordless and silent. Again, anything that could be perceived or conceived arises and falls in that FACT of BEING.

an ever-present shining registering.