Monday, April 27, 2009

What is SEEING the mind?

Q: I know we've must have addressed this, but can you tell me where the thoughts come from? Is the mind creating thoughts and the appearance? ... and then labeling and believing its own made up story? If not, what creates thoughts/appearance? Is this something we cannot comprehend or do we not know?

A:What is happening in direct experience? What is really the truth of what is happening? Isn't this all that is ever happening?

Can you find a location where thoughts arise from? Or do they just appear?

The mind doesn't create thoughts--the mind IS thoughts.

The mind can be defined as an endless train of damn thought after the other...

Thoughts can appear as labels or stories

But there isn't a mind that is witnessing mind.

There isn't a mind that is knowing mind.

Mind cannot known itself and believe in itself.

They are just labels, stories.

THAT which SEES labels and stories is what YOU ARE.

The infinite space in which these stories/labels appear on/in.

The mind gets frustrated because it cannot find SEEING.

The mind cannot and will not ever find it; so it gives up.

No matter how rigorous the search is--it is impossible because thoughts cannot do anything!

Intelligence is functioning; KNOWING the thoughts that spontaneously appear/disappear

The answer is NOT in the mind!

What is SEEING the mind?

What is SEEING the thought 'me' arise?

Surely it cannot be a 'me' that is SEEING the 'me'? Wouldn't that be another thought?

Don't you see the dog chasing its tail?

What is SEEING this maddening cycle?

SEEING is happening THEN thoughts arise

SEEING is happening then the thought 'me' arises

a 'person' is not SEEING

the label 'your name' is not SEEING

the thought 'your name' is an appearance in the SEEING

SEEING is undeniable then BS stories (seemingly) attach to 'your name' rise/fall

THAT KNOWING/SEEING never changes!

This CANNOT be understood

This is not some complex mathematical formula where it said "Yes! I have it"

This is something that is gained--or added, what could be added to the Infinite?