Monday, July 28, 2008

Stephen Wingate Interview

The Urban Guru Cafe is very highly recommended. The latest installment is an interview with Stephen Wingate.

The Urban Guru Cafe

Stephen Wingate's website

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Almost any 'teacher' can point to THAT which YOU ALREADY ARE-AWARENESS. But, it seems that very few ‘seekers’ accept this possibility and cannot conduct a thorough investigation. This investigation does not require an extraordinarily high I.Q, ‘spiritual’ preferences, a pious family, visiting ‘saints’ or twenty years in the Himalayas.

Accept this invitation as a possibility and discard the story of a separate individual.

The mind is one story after the other.....

A story arises...and another story arises to verify that story….
and an endless supply of stories are in the queue….. one fiction after the other
...fictions that lead to other fictions….but, they are just fictions...see them for what they are.

Have a look:
Who is this ‘I’ that doesn’t understand?
Who is this ‘I’ that is stressed out?
Who is this ‘I’ that doesn’t see clearly?
Who is this ‘I’?

Aren't there stories that verify this story of ‘I’? Can a thought do anything?

Isn't the 'I’ a subtle story for the sense of BEING?

Discard all stories and BE.

This BE-ING is the open space of KNOWING/SEEING that YOU ALREADY ARE.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Discard all stories

There isn’t a ‘you’ who is SEEING, there is only SEEING.
Perhaps the thought: “I see” arises.
This is an extraordinarily subtle story.
The mind takes credit for SEEING/KNOWING.
Discard the thought “I see” and what’s left?
Discard the concept SEEING/KNOWING.
What’s left?

Perhaps in that open space of KNOWING a thought will arise:
“Is this it?”
Discard it.

Didn’t the thought appear on THAT?
SEEING/KNOWING cannot be grasped by the mind because thoughts appear on THAT.
The description that thoughts appear “on” THAT is still duality, which implies that thoughts can appear some place other than THAT. Can a thought exist without it being known? The thought and SEEING/KNOWING, seemingly two are ONE.

There isn’t an answer…
(do not stop there and cling to the story of “no answer”)

In response to the reader who left the anonymous post “So then what?”
Just THIS – without an explanation; that’s about as close as words can point but even that’s false. All concepts are immediately duality and therefore, false.

Extremely subtle and so easily overlooked- so simple and very ordinary…

There seems to be some that are searching for an explosion of permanent bliss or supernatural powers as a confirmation. This is another story. Clinging to the idea of achieving a ‘stateless’ state is another trap. Abandon the search because there isn’t a goal to be reached. You ARE already THAT.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Simple Experiment

Try this…..

Hold your breath
Turn your head –very slowly- until your head cannot turn anymore to the left
Then, rotate– very slowly – until your head cannot turn anymore to the right

Were there any worries or problems? Any sort of drama?
Was there a judgmental attitude of good/bad 'separate’ objects?
Was there a pure nakedness without labels? A pure recording?
Was this a direct experience or a belief?

Rest in THIS