Sunday, July 13, 2008


Almost any 'teacher' can point to THAT which YOU ALREADY ARE-AWARENESS. But, it seems that very few ‘seekers’ accept this possibility and cannot conduct a thorough investigation. This investigation does not require an extraordinarily high I.Q, ‘spiritual’ preferences, a pious family, visiting ‘saints’ or twenty years in the Himalayas.

Accept this invitation as a possibility and discard the story of a separate individual.

The mind is one story after the other.....

A story arises...and another story arises to verify that story….
and an endless supply of stories are in the queue….. one fiction after the other
...fictions that lead to other fictions….but, they are just fictions...see them for what they are.

Have a look:
Who is this ‘I’ that doesn’t understand?
Who is this ‘I’ that is stressed out?
Who is this ‘I’ that doesn’t see clearly?
Who is this ‘I’?

Aren't there stories that verify this story of ‘I’? Can a thought do anything?

Isn't the 'I’ a subtle story for the sense of BEING?

Discard all stories and BE.

This BE-ING is the open space of KNOWING/SEEING that YOU ALREADY ARE.


Randall Friend said...

Brilliant and clear!

"Isn't the 'I' a subtle story for the sense of BEING?"

Does this sense of BEING require a story? Can you deny that you ARE?

Just BE the SEEING - not difficult since you ALREADY ARE THAT!

What stands in the way of realizing THAT? Whatever seems to stand in the way is THAT TOO...


Anonymous said...

'Ernie' says:

Sooooo, anything that apparantly would add to 'space like present awareness' is duality, a story within oneness; duality within non-duality.

Being is more subtle than space: It is not even 'space'. It is no-thing and not even that!

Jason Swanson said...

Drop all the stories

Every last assumption, theory or hypothesis...

What is it that cannot possibly be denied?


Certainly there are not gaps in existence or being.

Certainly 'you' don't walk around all day saying 'I AM' just in case 'you' forget or need to remind 'your'self!

It's an undeniable FACT.

discard even the 'FACT of BEING'

what is this pointing out?