Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Are No Thing: Recognising Your True Nature

Randall Friend's new book has been recently released courtesy of the folks at Non-duality Press.

With laser-like focus, Randall is undeviatingly pointing to the simple fact of Being.

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Lune said...

I have just ordered this book and I have been reading randall's blog for a while. I like the cover too ;)

Charlie Hayes said...

I recently reviewed Randall's book on Amazon. It is awesome.
Here is the complete review....

"You Are No Thing." Get THAT and all suffering ends in a flash.
This book comes straight out of who and what You are. The flavor of infinite love pours out from every page, every word and quickens an energy of demolishing the false conceptual cage and in the process, the seeker himself or herself.
Perhaps the last book you'll ever need to read on the subject of spirituality, Randall points the believer in a separate person, a 'me', back, back, back to what IS ... the Timeless Reality that is the True nature of all.
At the same time, with master strokes of the Light Saber Randall is, there is the deconstruction, a gentle yet unmistakable demolishing, of our cage of limitations. As he points out clearly, that cage of limitations is nothing more than a believed mental construct and as such, the cage has no REAL existence.
The FACT that Awareness IS and all appearances arise IN that becomes clear as the false is seen to be false, and like the belief in Santa Claus was dropped with a little human maturity, the belief in me-myself-I is dropped with what might be called spiritual maturity...
Why does this matter? The source of suffering is that belief in me-myself-I as a separate thing apart from other things. This is where the potency of the very title of this work strikes home: "You Are No Thing". That saying... when pointed out with such unmistakable clarity ... has the Power of the Totality behind it. Because it IS Totality, Speaking to Itself to call "allee allee in free!" to it's seeking for itself.
So, my friends, if you want to end seeking for enlightenment or awakening once and fo good, and you have the courage to have ALL your most cherished beliefs challenged and dismantled, do get this book.
Charlie Hayes, author of "Paradise Found: Recognizing and Living AS the Infinite Love That You Are"