Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the Sun

Does the Sun know darkness? Could the Sun even know light?

Is the Sun still shining at midnight?

Does the Sun ever "shut off"?

Even if the clouds roll through the sky, doesn't the light of the Sun shine through the clouds? Isn't this light what makes knowing the clouds even possible?

Self-shining Knowing


Lune said...

but one day the sun will die.

Jason Swanson said...

Yes, what comes inevitably goes...

This is why every pointer immediately falls short....inherently futile.

We cannot stop at the words.

What you ARE is the unborn.

THAT which has never appeared or disappeared.

the Infinite

What is Self-shining Knowing pointing to?

much love,

Charlie Hayes said...

Self-Knowing Awareness is like the sun, isn't it Jason ... The sun we might say just loves being itself, warming all within it's reach ... unattached and free in itself ... Self-Knowing must be Self-Loving or there is a dryness to life... as always much love to you dear friend!