Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Light of Knowing

Q: Can it be apparent that i am not a person
and yet still experience limitation and not the boundlessness
that is spoken of?

A: Bob says: Start from the FACT that you ARE ALREADY THAT.

What is being pointed out here?

there has never been an individual separate entity. NEVER.

It is believed that what you ARE is a person--this is entirely false.

There is an assumption that these pointers: "you are KNOWING/SEEING/BEING"

are possessions of a person.....again, entirely false.

KNOWING is ALWAYS shining... miraculously...there isn't a person there "doing it"

"person" or "your name", "me" "I" are just concepts that float in and out appearing like clouds in the open, vast sky....

How are these thoughts recognized?

Just as we look at colours, we overlook the light that is suffused with the colour. It is only due to the light that we can register colours. you ARE the light of KNOWING.

How can anything register without the KNOWING?

KNOWING IS the rock-solid foundation. More real than any concrete structure (this too shall crumble).

This KNOWING cannot be shut off (or turned on) is the light switch that is ALWAYS shining.

This KNOWING doesn't need enlightenment or need peace or perfection because it doesn't have any characteristics or limitations. Any limitations are concepts that appear and disappear. This KNOWING doesn't care what is is ALWAYS registering...

What is SEEING the mind? It is certainly not a 'me'...that is another concept!

Undeniably it is happening?

Gilbert asks: where are you SEEING FROM?

Watch the disappearance of thoughts...and re-cognize that this AWARE-ing is ALWAYS happening.

It is obvious that thoughts just....appear.....and disappear.......

Life is just doer, no one running the show

Has this AWARE-ing ever changed? Has this AWARE-ing ever appeared? Is this a FACT?

Can you deny EXISTENCE? Can you say: "I am NOT" doesn't this presuppose existence? KNOWING IS EXISTENCE...this aliveness...this sense of presence.....yet not a feeling. THAT which knows feelings.

This cannot be understood because this is what you ARE. Has the ocean ever left water?
Can the ocean understand water?

it IS water.

you ARE THAT (one without a second)

ONE singular block of reality


Mouloud said...

Dear Jason,

« Start from the FACT that you ARE ALREADY THAT». Absurd question. Just to confirm: Who is That? What we mean by That?



Jason Swanson said...

What's being pointed out here is that YOU have never been a 'person'. An individual, separate 'person' has never existed. The spiritual search immediately implies that there is an individual that will achieve something or get something.

How could the limited ever become the Infinite?

Obviously this is impossible and doesn't make any sense.

That's why we say start from the FACT that you ARE ALREADY THAT.

The ocean can only ever be water and has never left or searching to become water.

How is it that you are so certain that you ARE HERE and AWAKE(ness)?

Where is this KNOWING registering?

How is this known?

is this a concept?

M.B. said...

That's right! Thank you, Jason.


cybervigilante said...

I don't think the question was answered. Can you lose the "self" yet Not have a knowing of boundlessness.

Or it was answered in such an indirect manner it flew right past me ;')

Jason Swanson said...

Answering questions is more mind. What knows this? Pointers "hit their mark" by stopping the mind dead in its tracks. In that openness, is their psychological suffering? Does the "soap opera" of suffering perpetuate itself? No.

However, notice when thoughts are not you are present as you always are. You do not disappear. You do not phase out of existence, yet the thought "me" is not. Bodily sensations like the heart beating, breathing, sweating, itching are present, but the thought "me" is not. All the while, Awareness is unadorned, shining effortlessly.

Questions/answers can be much like the dog chasing its tail. Carefully look and see if duality even exists. We often hear there is "no duality nonduality". What does this mean?

Let us suppose you are walking through the park and a bird swoops down and begins to sing its heart out. You are struck by the melody. Where is the boundary between the sound of the bird and Awareness? Can you touch it? Is it painted black? Where does the chirping of the bird begin/end and Awareness begin/end? Can you separate the sound of the bird out of Awareness? Can you separate the waves out of ocean? No.

Two sides of one coin.

One (not two).

Love to you my brother,