Monday, June 23, 2008

The Movie Camera

What you ARE is much like a transparent, invisible movie camera; it is recording absolutely everything spontaneously without exception. But, it is not an object, yet contains all objects.

Does a movie camera make a judgment on what is good/bad?
Does a movie camera create labels or comment on what is happening?

Isn’t everything recording effortlessly right NOW? Isn’t everything IMMEDIATE?

A miraculous spontaneous unfolding…

A witnessing-being-presence…

Ranjit called it the bird’s way. Does a bird leave a trace as it flies through the sky? Everything is happening NOW!

No past, no future – those are just stories.

Aren't stories a desire/fear about what will happen or what has already happened?

AWARENESS is recording all of this NOW.

When you are watching a movie at the theater, all of these appearances on the movie screen come and go – no exceptions. It is all a beautiful play of shimmering energy appearing as forms. You would never check to see if the screen is alright after the building exploded in the movie! Doesn’t the constant shifting appearance imply a changeless background?

What must be perfectly clear is that the SEEING/KNOWING (movie camera) is not separate from anything (any apparently ‘separate’ object). Seemingly two - there is only ONENESS, because there must be a KNOWING for anything (any ‘separate’ object) to exist -two sides of ONE coin.

You ARE SEEING-ONENESS! This is Randall Friend’s invaluable, profound pointer.

When a bird is chirping….

Isn’t there an effortless spontaneous KNOWING that happens? No one tells you about it, this is direct experiencing. Doesn’t a story shortly follow thereafter: “Oh…that’s a beautiful song the bird is singing…I wonder what kind of bird this is?” Remove the story - what is happening NOW?

Be brutally honest, is it happening to a “me”, or is it just happening spontaneously?

Isn’t there only the chirping?

Now remove the story of the movie camera or SEEING-ONENESS…and what is left?


Maury said...

Very nice, entertaining, clear writing. Keep it up.

Maury Lee

Anonymous said...

one blackbird chirping, here. One hand clapping, now.

Ernie said...

Hello Jason,
"Direct experiencing" resonates here now. When there is activity of this 'form' (me)...such as: 'Wash the car'--no story---does this rise up from "intuition"?
Is there an intelligence that moves the form called 'me'?

Jason Swanson said...

Thoughts spontaneously appear

The Buddhists call the Infinite source the "Void" but even that must be discarded. It is called as such because it cannot be known. If it is known as a 'thing' then it is a concept.

Concepts like "washing the car" rise/fall like waves in the ocean.

Simple movements of energy

Recognize that there isn't a 'person', 'me', 'I' or 'Ernie' that is 'washing the car'; 'Ernie' is just another concept. This reference point requires a story to exist.

Intelligence is suffused with the (seemingly separate) forms.

Oneness appearing as the apparently many.

Division (seems) to happen only in thought

ONE intelligence functioning...

The waves couldn't possibly be separated from the ocean.

What you ARE is a process, an immediacy of KNOWING. THAT which cannot be negated. This Self-shining KNOWING cannot be 'turned off' so to speak.

Are there gaps in Be-ing? Are there ever moments where there is fear that 'you'll' disappear?

Of course not.

There is a certainty, without a shadow of a doubt, that YOU ARE.

That is an indisputable FACT.