Sunday, June 22, 2008

Direct Experience vs. Belief

To KNOW without a shadow of a doubt the Truth of what you already ARE there must be direct experiencing. It seems that there are many ‘seekers’ clinging desperately to concepts without conducting a full investigation. All that is necessary is recognizing what is happening RIGHT NOW. You are probably SEEING words on a computer screen RIGHT NOW. You are 100% certain of this. Nothing could convince you otherwise.


What is happening?


What do you see?

Perhaps it is raining and you see the droplets falling, crashing against the window. This is direct experiencing not a belief.

Anything that requires a story to exist – is immediately false.

This is belief.

When you were a small child your parents told you the story of Santa Claus. Without any reason to doubt or question, you trusted your parents. They told you that he lives at the North Pole, has a team of elves that work endlessly and has eight tiny reindeer…

What if you were to conduct a full investigation? What if you went to the North Pole and searched for this toy factory? What if you did the math and calculated the number of houses he would have to stop at all over the world? What if we rounded up a group of witnesses and recorded the lack of physical proof? The evidence would surely be mounting against the jolly elf but what if we just stayed up very late on Christmas Eve and watched what happened around the Christmas tree?

As you stealthily hide behind the couch, you directly SEE your parents placing presents underneath the tree! The whole story crumbles. Everything attached to that false belief of “Santa Claus”… must also be false!

No Santa Claus.
No elves.
No reindeer.

It was all a story that was believed in – just forms of hearsay and conjecture. Direct experience instantaneously destroys belief.

If you conduct an investigation of the story of “me” thoroughly, isn’t everything a story? Aren’t there stories to verify other stories? Follow these stories backwards until the point of no return: no questions, no answers and nothing to say about it. No label (word or concept) can stick because it is THAT which is witnessing these concepts arise. Simply rest in that open space of KNOWING.


Anonymous said...

"Direct experience instantaneously destroys belief."

Does it? There is no direct experience of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, yet there is evidence that this invisible energy/substance makes up 96% of the physical universe.

I have no direct experience of "me", yet I have a belief (faith?) that I exist, however unknowable or unseen or "implied".

While the "seer" is not separate from the seen, it is distinct (unseen as "opposed" to seen).

No story can explain or describe this unseen mystery, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Jason Swanson said...

Thank you for writing.

“No story can explain or describe this….” is absolutely accurate. This blog is an absolutely futile effort to point to that which cannot be put into words.

All of these distinctions of time and space are merely concepts. These inferences that are referred to are happening RIGHT NOW and are directly experienced - this is not a theory.

THIS MOMENT is inescapable.

SEEING a bird in flight points very clearly…….


The ‘seer’ and ‘seen’ are merely concepts arising in SEEING.
Separation is occurring from the false concept -‘I am the body’. Investigate thoroughly, Reality always IS.

Is the body always present?

Is the body present during deep sleep?

Is anything present during deep sleep?

Who hears the phone ring, or the alarm clock buzz?

What is this ‘I’?

Isn’t the ‘I’ just a convenient way of describing the sense that you ARE?

Does that require a story?

This KNOWING, without a shadow of a doubt, is direct experience. A verbose dissertation or an article published in a renowned journal is not needed to hypothesize that you ARE. The fact of BEING is not a belief. What practice (meditation, mantra, praying) is needed to KNOW that you already ARE?


Much love,

Anonymous said...

i would add there is nothing to achieve. In a certain moment which is "now", all concepts cease to blind. Then , "now", is obvious the "me" never existed. It was only a history, a history about "me". Without a history, you are. You are not less, no more wise, no more smart, no more spiritual, this adds are only additions to the self-thought image. You are not a tought. Tought pass, "you" remain.

Nothing to understand, nothing to achieve. In words, seems there is something to achieve, but really, There is nothing to achieve.

If you have the self-image of a seeker, then that is perfect. You are what you seek.

No problem , all the histories are welcomed... there is no one doing them. This is a tale without writer.

Nobody can understand, nobody can fit the concepts, you are going to collapse .

Nothing to sell... and still, writing happens.

Talking happens. No "me" , no one with the truth in his pocket...

No one to hide, no one to resist. All the blogs are different, any of them have the truth, there is no truth, there is no seeker.

And what is left ? what is ?

You are